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Gezondheid Farms provides local crop production as a primary mission, while conducting advanced research, education, and technical training outreach in collaboration with local governments to sustain healthy food access as a secondary benefit to improve the quality of life in the Caribbean Region.

We collaborate with local governments, Ministries of Agriculture, Universities, and foundations to improve crop production in regions with high import needs that create risks to food safety and security.

We capitalize on available funding to 1) develop a sustainable business model that balances natural resources (the sun) with renewable energy, 2) utilizes natural rainwater resources to conserve reverse osmosis water, 3) and budgets operational costs with realistic crop yields to support supply over demand to build cash flow.

Our Produce

We currently grow a nutritious and flavorful salad mix blended with Romaine, Selway, Cimmarion, Buttercrunch Lettuce, Arugula, Mizuna, Red Oak Leaf, Lacinato Kale, and Trition Radich. 

We will be growing tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, and watermelons in the near future. Our vision for the business model will include 50+ varieties of lettuce, herbs, vine crops, fruits, and mushrooms.

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Leafy Lettuce

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Our Story

tradition & innovation

Gezondheid Farms is led by a 4th generation farmer from Texas with a family tradition of agricultural technology innovation. Robofarm LLC, owned and managed by the Garza Family – CAMJCG Trust, has donated all of its assets and research patent theories to Gezondheid Farms to continue its legacy of new discoveries with (21) theories for agriculture technology based patents that need to be concluded in collaboration with international universities and foundations to bring forth advanced agricultural practices to combat climate change, natural disasters, pandemic and war-time supply chain interruptions.

It is important for local governments to provide self sustainability in the areas of food, water, and energy production to maintain self independence on a global scale.  It is Gezondheid Farms’ primary mission to contribute it’s expertise, knowledge, and added value to any global program aligned to sustain human health and government independency to feed it’s communities.

Locally Grown in the Caribbean Region

Grown locally in hydroponic controlled environment.

AgTech Innovation with governments

Research and development for tomorrow's agricultural practices.

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Our Farm

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Indoor and outdoor hydroponic crop production business model designed specifically for the Caribbean Region, taking into consideration the natural influences that are unique to Tropical climates, to work toward a balanced crop yield utilizing natural sunlight with supplemental LED lighting and humidity deflection.